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Fable Acres - Watering Can

Fable Acres is a biodiverse and holistic homestead consisting of vegetables, herbs, pollinator blends and native species. All practices are resource conserving and sustainable for the environment. The products from the homestead are used to help supply the culinary endeavors and other required ingredients are procured from the wonderful network of farmers local to the Okanagan Valley and Shuswap region. 

About Us

Our Story

When the world shut down as a result of the pandemic and it forced humanity back to basics, we collectively watched masses of people embark on sourdough bread making journeys, DIY projects and explore other new hobbies in hopes of curing their boredom. Meanwhile, local guidelines and government restrictions impeded our movements so we dug deeper into our imaginations for entertainment or companionship when the stir crazy set in.

For a lot of us in Canada, that looked like spending a lot more time outdoors exploring our province and all it has to offer. Austin spent her time educating herself on all things vegetation and learned how to grow her own food organically, especially when the grocery shelves turned bare. She absorbed all the plant information during her years of pandemic isolation and alas, a fire was ignited as she could always count on finding solace in her garden.

Austin discovered her true passion when she got to take the fruits of her labour from the garden, bring it into the kitchen and create something magical with it. The pure reward and satisfaction of taking a seed, placing it in some soil, providing it the right environment to grow and then having that seed turn into a delicious plant that will then nourish your body has been the ultimate joy discovered.

Meet The Team

Born and raised in the Okanagan, Austin spent her days exploring the landscapes and offerings of beautiful BC while expanding her infatuation with all things involving the kitchen. After 20 years of acquiring catering, food, beverage, business industry experience and plant knowledge, she decided to exit the corporate world, turn her passions into her career and pursue the agrifood sector. When she is not in the garden or kitchen, you can find her sitting on the banks of Shuswap River or hiking with her dogs through the various mountain trails.

Fable Acres Catering and homestead would not function without the support of the surrounding community. From our beef, pork and poultry suppliers and the supplemental produce, all the way to the lovely members who help with food service and garden maintenance, Fable Acres would not be what it is without the wonderful network around us.


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